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44 IRISH QUARTER WEST, CARRICKFERGUS, Co. ANTRIM, N. IRELAND, BT38 8AT | TEL: +44 (0)28 9336 9575 | EMAIL: info@flamegasworks.co.uk

Page-4.2-plant-1.jpgFlame contains all the equipment necessary to produce gas from coal. It boasts 36 horizontal retorts in which the gas was extracted from the coal, purification plant to rid it of impurities, station meter to measure the output from the retorts, double-lift gasholder in which it was stored, governor to regulate its pressure, and steam-powered booster to send it on its way through the mains to consumers in Carrickfergus.  You can download further details here

We also have equipment installed when Carrickfergus ceased coal gas production in 1967 and switched to the storage of gas made at Belfast’s Sydenham Gasworks.

Although we no longer operate our gas production plant for safety and conservation reasons, you can watch videos showing how coal gas was once made.Page-4.2-plant-3.jpg

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